Born in Athens in 1953. He is a novelist, translator and film director. His translations include more than thirty crime novels by writers such as Hammett, Chandler, Highsmith, Charyn and Ellroy, on whom he has also written a number of studies. Besides crime fiction, he has also translated authors such as Stevenson, Kipling, Isherwood, London, Anderson, Huxley and Nabokov. As a film director, he has made two short movies and over sixty episodes for the acclaimed Greek television series Reportage sans frontieres and Paths
of Modern Thought.



CRIME NOVEL (176 pages, 17.5X12 cm.)

The construction work that was taking place in the bowels of the city had become something of an obsession for Athenians as they moved around on the surface. At the same time, and quite unbeknown to the city's inhabitants, a wholly different kind of project was taking place within the huge tunnels that were steadily extending under the city's surface: a gang of thieves was preparing the robbery of the century.
Private detectives, the police, polite ladies and shady figures from the underworld all have their place in this novel as a major crime of bold inventiveness has to be solved.

The Phantom of the Subway is the second crime novel by Andreas Apostolidis, who is better known in Greece for his translations and literary studies of writers such as James Ellroy, Dashiel Hammett, Raymond Chandler,W.R. Burnett, Jerome Charyn, J. Crumley, Eric Ambler, Jack London, Vladimir Nabokov, and others.