Born in Athens in 1953. He is a novelist, translator and film director. His translations include more than thirty crime novels by writers such as Hammett, Chandler, Highsmith, Charyn and Ellroy, on whom he has also written a number of studies. Besides crime fiction, he has also translated authors such as Stevenson, Kipling, Isherwood, London, Anderson, Huxley and Nabokov. As a film director, he has made two short movies and over sixty episodes for the acclaimed Greek television series Reportage sans frontieres and Paths
of Modern Thought.



CRIME NOVEL (256 pages, 17.5X12 cm.)

It is September 1974. The dictatorship of the colonels in Greece has just come to an end. The lawyer Andreas Economou has gone for an autumn break to a small spa town, staying at the 'Apollon', an exclusive guesthouse. Meanwhile in Athens the political parties are preparing for the first free elections after the fall of the junta. However, old scores must now be settled.
The tranquillity of the guesthouse is suddenly and violently disturbed by the perpetration of two murders within its walls. Economou finds himself entangled in a case that involves the dark political manoeuvrings of the seven-year dictatorship.